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 I want to help you receive more donations for your nonprofit organization with a new and innovative way of aligning the business community with the nonprofit sector.  I am a member of REBSEA,  a network of more than 300 Realtors® and mortgage lenders across the U.S. and Canada who donate a part of each commission to a nonprofit in their community.  I am interested in supporting your organization as one that I make donations to from my commissions.

     Each year many of your supporters, as well as people they know, will be buying or selling a home.  You can inform them, as part of your ongoing fundraising program, that there now exists a network of real estate agents and mortgage lenders who donate to nonprofits, including your organization.  If we work together to keep them informed of this program we can create an awareness that will result in a sustainable source of donations to your organization to help you accomplish your mission.  This is a Social Enterprise. The MBA programs in all of our leading universities are teaching that combining  a business with a social benefit, such as the REBSEA program does, is a trend that is already beginning to transform commerce and that this trend will continue and become a part of the fabric of how we do business.  REBSEA is one of a growing number of new business models created for this purpose.

     Please visit to see the entire program and view our Member Directory.  If you are interested in participating in our program we can work together to make this a part of your ongoing fundraising program.  We can create emails for you to go to your database.  We can create a presence on your website.  I can attend your events and meet with your supporters.   There are many things we can do to inform your sphere of influence about the REBSEA program so that I can make more donations to your organization.  This is a win-win-win-win situation and that is why this simple idea is so powerful:

1) I receive more business

2) you receive more donations

3) your supporters can facilitate a donation without any cost to them

4) your organization can deliver more services with funds that you otherwise would not have

         If you would like to get started we can discuss the steps to take to create an ongoing awareness among your supporters, such as customizing the letter below to send to your database..          


Dear supporter,

    There is a growing trend today for the business community to find innovative ways to help and support nonprofit organizations such as ours.   The reason for this is partly because it has been proven in many studies that people prefer to do business with people and companies who Give Back to the communities they serve.   The business community is increasingly aware of this.  One such group is REBSEA, a 501(c)6 nonprofit trade association of real estate agents and mortgage lenders who donate a part of each commission to a nonprofit in their community.  We now have a Charter Member of REBSEA in our own community who makes such donations  and one of the organizations that he supports is ours.

     Edward Sklar  of  United Realty Group is a Buyers Agent Realtor servicing  Palm Beach County, Florida.    Please consider working with him the next time you, or anybody you know, is buying  home.  You can expect great service from a seasoned professional and the satisfaction of knowing that part of his commission is going back into our community. 

     REBSEA has hundreds of real estate agents and mortgage lenders participating in their network in 46 states and several provinces of Canada.  This is a fast growing trend that can be a real game changer for local nonprofits.  Real estate commissions are quite sizable and when a part of this is going to a nonprofit in our community it can add up fast.  So please help by spreading  the word.  Why would anybody who is going to buy or sell anyway not want to turn their transaction into a donation to a nonprofit in their own community?



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